Company Profile

A company specializing in the production of fertilizers and biological products,
for the needs of modern agriculture to provide specific solutions.A company spe-
cializing in the production of fertilizers and biological products, for the needs of
modern agriculture to provide specific solutions

Start your own activities and carry out your own research to get new products that optimize the yield of cultivated plants. To provide customers with solutions for plant health and phytosanitary products. In order to provide farmers with different alternatives to achieve higher crop yields, with a wealth of product lines, which highlight the eco-agricultural certification products.

Years of experience and our product quality make the company with obvious international projection. The company's internationalization process has been consolidated in recent years. At present, we are in the entire Mediterranean region, the Middle East currently, South Asia and Central America, represented in more than 20 countries.

The export market also allows us to expand, from a technical point of view, which means to overcome the challenge. Our products address the nutritional needs of various crops and the diversity of soil and climatic conditions.

In the future, we believe that there is an international presence in the growing cooperation of agents in each market: distribution, technical staff and farmers.

As we all know, our population is increasing. Therefore, our goal is; Achieve more food production per unit area to meet the food needs of the country's population. At the same time, dissatisfied, by increasing the quality of our products to the maximum extent, we will grow our products to countries around the world. Become an agricultural solution center first in the country, and then abroad. To this end, in 2006, we began to import fertilizer from companies that are business experts. We have provided a wide range of products for growers in a short period of time. The products we develop will provide solutions for their various problems. We established our NPK factory in 2007. We produce many products with high-tech equipment and our staff. We are through our new products to provide solutions across the country, we are still. We continue to increase and improve the scope of our products and brands.


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