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Portfolio is including a wide range of product to be used both in fertigation systems as in liquid foliar spraying.

Among biostimulants products, seaweed extracts and aminoacids stand out, and are including a range of products of animal or vegetal origin and with a range of nitrogen and aminoacids concentrations. Among the products for the improvement and self-plant defense promoters, we found a number of products from those containing antagonist microorganisms to disinfectant and enzymatic action products.

The catalogue contains a full range of products for the conditioning of water, from anti-foam to pH corrector with color indicators. On the other hand the catalogue is including a full range of soil amendments for saline soils, humic acids, and concentrated organic matter certified for organic farming.

The family range for the correction of micronutrient deficiencies is large and it is presenting specific amendments for the correction of given deficiencies as well as a number of microelement combinations, liquid and solid, complexed and chelated by lignosulphonates, EDDHA, humic-fulvic complexes (balatine) and EDTA. It presents a wide variety of calcium and potassium correctors for the different crops and phonological periods. Within the basic fertilization range of products, it presents solid, liquid and concentratedsuspension products, for foliar and fertigationapplications. Within the latest range of products, it includes a number of Product guidecombinations of nitrogen fertilizers depending on the crops necessities (range of products: rombi, balatsol and transfor).
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