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High concentration Composite multi - element Water soluble fertilizer

Algal source/elements

This product is based on crop growth and nutrition characteristics of the development of the whole water-soluble compound fertilizer. Its composition not only contains water-soluble nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium also contains a variety of trace elements. Product nutrition comprehensive, formula science, easily absorbed by crops. This product is fully soluble, no residue is particularly suitable for sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and Chong Shi, and so on.

The use of advanced water-soluble fertilizer production process, high purity, nutrient-rich, fully soluble, trace elements for the chelate state, easy to absorb. Safe for crops, free of chloride ions, sodium ions and other harmful heavy metals, non-hormonal substances, do not interfere with the normal physiological activities of plants. comprehensive supply of nutrients, a reasonable supplement of multi-element nutrients, promote flower bud differentiation and root growth, regulate crop nutrition growth and reproductive growth of the coordinated development of strong seedlings to promote slightly, leaves bright green, thickening increased; promote sprouts, Vigorous growth, increase crop drought and cold resistance; prevention of crop leaflets, yellow leaves and other crop defects caused by physiological diseases, and promote the healthy growth of crops; fruit expansion, color uniformity, improve the fruit rate, extend fruit storage period.

Applicable crops and methods of use
This product is suitable for all kinds of crops, especially vegetables, fruits, fruit trees and nursery flowers cultivation, can be applied to most of the crop Chong Shi, irrigation, leaching, drip irrigation and other irrigation systems;

Fertilizers are solid, fully water soluble NPK fertilizers ready to be applied via the irrigation system, so called fertigation to the soil on which crops grow. line of fertilizers is the proper answer, whenever liquid fertilizer cannot be used due to logistic problems or high transportation costs. The most common Gatit formulas are as follows: fertilizers are prepared from different sources of Nitrogen (NH2, NH4?and NO3), combined with Phosphorous and Potassium sources and Trace elements according to the needs of the different crops. It contains reduced amounts of Chloride up to a maximum 6% chloride in the fertilizer. Gatit is enriched with the following Trace Celements (TE): Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo). Some NPK combinations contain Magnesium (Mg) as well.
Upon request, special NPK combinations can be tailor made to satisfy your crops needs subject to minimum order.
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