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Deep seaweed extract nutrient (Endogenous vegetative plants)

Seaweed/Plant endogenous

The product to add advanced technology carbonase algae active substances, to stimulate the potential of the plant itself, so that the elements to maintain a high level of balance, with the fruit to promote the expansion of mature, sweetening and coloring, improve fruit nutrient, disease prevention, cold , Anti-cropping and other effects, the loose soil, the balance of pH effect of loose soil effect.
effective prevention of crop root rot, root cancer, stem-based rot, yellow wilt, viruses, root-knot nematodes and so on.
to promote long-term strong crop rooting, the main root deep bar, a large number of capillary roots, resistance to root aging and plant premature aging, prevention of soil-borne diseases, rooting roots.
The product can effectively relieve the harm caused by improper use of hormones, fungicides, herbicides and fertilizers. It is the best antifreeze for crops and low temperature.
natural high activity substances, triggering the activity of biological enzymes in the crop, improve immunity, enhance stress resistance, and promote healthy growth and development of crops.

Seaweed fertilizer is a marine plant seaweed as the main raw material, the scientific processing of bio-fertilizer, the main ingredient is extracted from the seaweed is conducive to plant growth and development of natural bioactive substances and seaweed from the ocean to absorb and enrich in the body Mineral nutrient elements, including seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic poly-compounds, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulators (cytokinin, gibberellin, auxin, and abscisic acid) and nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron , Boron, molybdenum, iodine and other trace elements. In addition, in order to increase fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer chelating effect, but also into the amount of humic acid and the amount of trace elements.

Application skills

1. Spraying concentration should be appropriate. In a certain concentration range, the nutrient into the leaves of the speed and quantity, with the solution concentration increases, but the concentration is too high prone to fertilizer, especially trace elements fertilizer, the general large amount of elements (nitrogen, The use of the concentration of 500 to 600 times the trace element iron, manganese, zinc concentration of 500 to 1000 times the use.

2. Sprinkle time should be appropriate. Foliar fertilization, the longer the wet time, the more leaves to absorb nutrients, the better the effect. Under normal circumstances to keep the leaves wet time in 30 minutes to 60 minutes is appropriate, so the best foliage in the evening without wind weather; in the dew morning spray fertilizer, will reduce the concentration of solution, affecting the effect of fertilization. Rain or rain can not be carried out before the topdressing, because the nutrients easily lethora, can not achieve the desired effect, if sprayed after 3 hours of rain, to be sunny when the spray time, but the concentration should be appropriate to reduce.

3. Spray to be uniform, meticulous and thoughtful. Foliar fertilization requires a small droplet, spray evenly, with particular attention to spray the strong growth of the upper leaves and leaves on the back.

4. The number of spraying should not be too small, there should be interval. Crop foliar topdressing concentrations are generally low, and each time the amount of absorption is very small, much lower than the crop demand. Therefore, the number of foliar fertilization should generally not be less than 2 to 3 times. At the same time, the interval should be at least more than a week, the number of spraying should not be too much to prevent harm.

5. foliar fertilizer mixed with properly. Foliar top dressing, the two or more foliage fertilizer mixed, can save the spray time and labor, the yield effect will be more significant. But the fertilizer must be mixed without adverse reactions or do not reduce fertilizer efficiency, or less than the purpose of mixing. In addition, the fertilizer should pay attention to the concentration of solution and pH, under normal circumstances the pH value of the solution in about 7, neutral conditions conducive to leaf absorption.

6. Add a humectant to the fertilizer solution. Crop leaves have a layer of thickness of the stratum corneum, the solution penetration is more difficult, for this reason, in the leaf fertilizer solution by adding the right amount of humectant, surfactant, increase the surface tension, increase the contact area with the leaves, The effect of top dressing.

Finally, we must focus on two points

1, according to a large number of field experiments show that plants in the growth factor stress (nutrition, climate, moisture) conditions, foliar fertilization effect is more obvious.
2, the root fertilization is a fundamental fertilization measures, root fertilization is an auxiliary fertilization measures, can not cart before the horse.

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