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Photosynthetic accelerator
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Photosynthetic .accelerator

This product is based on the crop growth process encountered in the process of plant leaves a variety of physiological problems, and the development of functional type of special foliage products, can quickly restore leaf vitality, leaf green leaves thick, enhance the plant in the lack of lighting conditions Under the photosynthesis.
This product is a combination of photosynthetic bacteria, a variety of trace elements combined with organic nutrition, and added to promote plant growth and development of highly active substances and anti-induced factor and other active ingredients.
the use of advanced technology from the integration, that is, to the crop to add a full range of nutrition, but also inhibit the crop due to lack of disease, physical factors caused by yellow leaves, yellow head, green, leaflets, Rapid recovery of robust growth, fast green leaves, vigorous growth, flower blooming fruit, a substantial increase in crop resistance to stress, improve crop yield and quality.

Photosynthesis is a green plant that utilizes photosynthetic pigments such as chlorophyll and certain bacteria (such as halophilic apples with purple film). Using the cells themselves, under the irradiation of visible light, carbon dioxide and water (bacteria are hydrogen sulfide and water ) Into organic matter, and the release of oxygen (bacteria release hydrogen) biochemical process. Plants are known as producers of food chains because they are able to produce organic matter and use energy to produce organic matter through photosynthesis. Through the consumption, food chain consumers can absorb the energy stored in plants and bacteria, the efficiency of 10% to 20%. For almost all creatures in the biosphere, this process is the key to their survival. While on the earth's carbon-oxygen cycle, photosynthesis is essential.


Photosynthesis, that is, light energy synthesis, is the plant, algae and certain bacteria, in the visible light irradiation, through the light reaction and dark reaction, the use of photosynthetic pigment, the carbon dioxide (or hydrogen sulfide) and water into organic matter , And the release of oxygen (or hydrogen) biochemical process.

Photosynthesis is the sum of a series of complex metabolic reactions, is the basis of survival of the biological community, but also an important medium for the Earth's carbon and oxygen cycle.

Operational mechanism

Photosynthetic bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic). Belong to the independent nutrition micro-organisms, the bacteria itself contains more than 60% of the protein, and rich in vitamins, also contains coenzymes, antiviral substances and growth factors to the soil to accept the light and heat as energy, the soil sulfur and carbon Hydrogen compounds in the separation of hydrogen, harmful substances for the harmless substances, and plant roots of the secretions, soil organic matter, harmful gases and carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other substrates, synthetic carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, nitrogen compounds, Antiviral
substances and physiologically active substances are the main forces of
fertile soil and the promotion of plant and animal growth.
Photosynthetic bacteria metabolites can
be directly absorbed by plants,
but also can be other microbial
breeding nutrients, and
promote other beneficial
microbial proliferation.

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