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deep sea Protein nutrition
(Animal protein .Nutrition)

Deep Sea Fish/Protein Nutrition

product description:
This product is raw materials for deep-sea fish, after fishing through low-temperature high-pressure broken, enzymatic processing, the whole low-temperature production to retain the maximum degree of product activity and the state is very stable, long-term storage is not smelly, no flatulence.

Effectively improve the soil aggregate structure, loose soil, improve soil permeability. Rapid increase in the number of soil microbes, improve the surrounding microenvironment. Promote root development, especially for the root and lateral root growth has a strong role in promoting. Improve crop resistance, and avoid crop damage caused by adverse climatic conditions. Rapid relief of frostbite plants and branches and flowers, to maintain the normal growth and development of crops. Enhance crop growth, promote plant robustness, leaf hypertrophy, bright color. Promote flower bud differentiation, so that full flower buds, Zhuang Shuo. Anti-fruit, fruit cracking and promote fruit enlargement, the fruit sugar content is high, good quality, resistance to storage and transportation.

Application skills

Drip irrigation, Chong Shi, pouring: the product diluted with water 200-400 times after the application, the amount of 2.5-5 kg / mu, each growth period can be used.
This product is used before mixing. This product has a pure fish flavor, pet fasting. The amount of application is mainly based on the soil nutrient status and the characteristics of different crops to be determined. This product can be used with weak acid, neutral pesticide and a variety of fertilizer. This product should be stored in a cool dry place.

Finally, we must focus on two points

1, according to a large number of field experiments show that plants in the growth factor stress (nutrition, climate, moisture) conditions, foliar fertilization effect is more obvious. 2, the root fertilization is a fundamental fertilization measures, root fertilization is an auxiliary fertilization measures, can not cart before the horse

Fertilize soil and improve soil structure
Keep soil fertility constant

The beneficial microorganisms in the soil reproduce rapidly with the organic substances such as fish protein, and the activity is enhanced, the soil structure is optimized, and the ability of maintaining fertility and water conservation is improved remarkably. Such as continuous use, produce earthworms, make the soil loose fertile soil, improve the soil ecology, the morphology of nutrient elements in soil is difficult to use (slow state) into available form (available), increased soil fertility.This fertilizer contains basic groups and active substances, which has unique effects on regulating soil acidity.

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